Owner strategy

Build your business strategy on well-planned ownership strategy.

We help you build an ownership strategy and a business strategy that translates into an actionable growth plan.

We will help you with the strategy work, including the creation of an owner strategy and a concrete growth plan based upon it. Well-planned and perfectly timed actions in the right order can make management easier and help increase the value of the company.

TietoAkseli Corporate Finance is a company specialized in corporate transactions with Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises and their owners, as well as international capital investors and company acquirers. Corporate transactions are our core business, and we have extensive experience in them.

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The owner strategy clarifies the key issues related to owning a company:

  • The owners’ wishes and expectations for the company
  • Balancing the emphasis between growth and profitability
  • Commitment and preparedness for additional investments
  • Openness to ownership changes and timing of exit

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Business Director, Corporate Finance

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Manager, Corporate Finance services

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Manager, Corporate Finance services

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Senior Advisor, Corporate Finance services

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Analyst, Corporate Finance services

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Manager, Corporate Finance services

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Mikko Akselin

Member of the Board

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Partner, APA

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Partner, APA

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