Statutory audits

The auditing services that help you to develop your business.

Auditing with a competent and personal approach.

With our audit service, you ensure the accuracy, legality and equal treatment of parties of your company’s or organisation’s financial statements. While auditing is a statutory duty, we always want to think about our client’s business as a whole.

Together, our diverse expertise, personal service and digital audit processes allow us to provide a proactive audit service; we help the company and owners achieve their goals and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

We always provide service by experienced and competent Authorized Public Accountants in person. Our auditors have extensive experience in auditing international companies, as well as owner-managed companies and production corporations.

Our auditing techniques and procedures have been developed on the basis of Finnish auditing regulations, while adhering to international standards.

In addition to the audit, we also provide:

Experienced auditors

Our auditors have Authorised Public Accountant certification, and the quality of work is also regularly monitored by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Personal service

As authorised auditors, we are personally responsible for the conduct of the audit to ensure high-quality service that adds value to our clients’ business.

Digital service processes

Our audit process can be carried out digitally. Our services are smooth and convenient for all parties involved.

Our team

Let’s see together how we can help your business.

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