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High-quality auditing and advisory service for your company or organization

TietoAkseli Audit Oy is a company specialized in auditing and advisory services. We offer statutory audit and advisory services that support our clients’ businesses as a complete service.

We do not audit only for the sake of legality, but rather always think of our client’s business as a whole. We want to help make the goals of the company and the owners come true. Our experienced Authorized Public Accountants and other experts provide reliable service and are always nearby.

Our services:


An experienced and knowledgeable team

Our experts have diverse knowledge backed by their extensive experience in the industry. As authorised auditors, we are personally responsible for the conduct of the audit to ensure high-quality service that adds value to our clients’ business.

Personalised service

All our operations are based on transparency and absolute trust. We work closely with our customers to provide reliable, high-quality services based on mutual agreement.

You won’t pay for needless bureaucracy

We use electronic auditing tools. Our system has been developed primarily for the needs of SMEs. Our audit process is smooth and efficient for all the parties involved.

Comprehensive service offering

In addition to our statutory audit, we also offer advice on special tax issues and corporate law matters.

An actor with extensive professional networks

Our expertise never falters. We have built extensive networks both domestically and internationally.


Our team

Let’s see together how we can help your business.

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Mari Pöytäkangas

Director, APA

+358 10 3472 995

Arto Saarinen

Partner, APA

+358 10 3472 991

Matti Oksanen


+358 10 3472 992

Petri Korkiamäki - TietoAkseli

Petri Korkiamäki

Partner, APA

+358 10 3472 809

Arja Kauppinen - TietoAkseli

Arja Kauppinen


+358 10 3472 890

Milja Manninen


+358 10 3472 017

Markus Korkea-aho


+358 10 3472 034

Niilo Heikkilä


+358 10 3472 042

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