Company Acquisitions

We handle the entire acquisition process as an advisor to the buyer.

We carry out challenging company acquisitions

As experts in corporate finance, we assess the market situation, examine the background of the target, and take care of practical matters as well as financial, judicial, and tax-related issues. Our professionally organised acquisition process saves you time and helps you avoid unnecessary risks.

The benefits of our service:

  • We help ensure a successful acquisition
  • We work while saving you time and protecting your identity
  • Our team of experts gives the project credibility
  • Competition over acquisition targets becomes easier with the help of an expert
  • We bring our experience to the negotiations
  • We’ll manage the financial, judicial, and tax-related issues with expertise and proactively.
  • Via our international network, you can also reach acquisition targets outside Finland




TietoAkseli Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Sigma trukit Oy when it acquired Keslift Oy.


TietoAkseli Corporate Finance acted as advisor and delivered Financial Due Diligence to Nordic Business Forum Oy when it acquired part of Oslo Business Forum AS.


TietoAkseli Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Protacon Group when it acquired majority of shares of Powen Oy.


TietoAkseli Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Wise Group when it acquired Insinööritoimisto Tanko Oy.

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