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For students interested in the financial administration industry

The employment outlook in the financial administration industry is excellent, and the sector is showing more rapid growth than average. Occasional uncertainty of the general economic situation does not slow growth in this field much, because amidst recession and times of uncertainty companies need expert services in financial administration more than ever. Therefore, there is constant demand for new specialists. At UHY TietoAkseli, our employees work, for instance, as experts in charge of our customers’ financial administration, specialists in corporate restructuring, and auditors.

Practical training at UHY TietoAkseli

We offer opportunities for practical training to those studying for qualifications in the financial administration sector, all year round. We recruit approximately five trainees every year for training periods, lasting, on average, three to six months. The trainees work as members of our teams providing financial administration and payroll services. A personal orientation plan is drawn up for each of the trainees, and they complete an extensive orientation programme. Successful practical training develops students’ capabilities for successful employment and often leads to a job at UHY TietoAkseli.

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